kelly & the kids

One thing I try to guard against is forgetting to photograph my own family. It’s one of those things where because you can do it anytime, it’s easy to keep putting off and before you know it a year (or more) has passed and you’re wondering where are all the photos of the people you love most in the world!? So about a month ago I messaged Kelly and asked her if we could make a date to do a family photo session. It felt a little strange, marking it down in my day planner, but if not now, then when?

I love these photos of Kelly, Rhianna, Hannah and Joshua. Kelly is beautiful anyway but I think what makes her even more beautiful is the light that seems to shine out of her when she’s with her three gorgeous kids. I love this crew and am so incredibly happy that we made the time to get together. I know two other people who will be happy to have these photos too! ♥

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