You first met Kushal in August when he was 3 months old. Now he’s 7 months old and unbelievably, he’s cuter than ever. I didn’t think ultra cute could get any cuter but apparently it can. Kushal’s living proof of this phenomenon.

I love this age. I like to call it the “sitting duck” stage because babies can sit on their own but can’t get around yet except for the occasional roll. Know what that means? I can corner them and shoot to my heart’s content and they can’t go anyhere. It’s magic.

Speaking of magic, below you’ll see some photos of a very magical time for this little guy. Not only was it Kushal’s very first Christmas, it was also his first snowfall! How happy was I to be on hand to capture these moments? Very happy. The only thing that could make me happier would be if Kushal’s mommy and daddy would move back to Nova Scotia. But for now, I’ll take what I can get and do my best to capture Kushal’s priceless expressions and extreme sweetness whenever I get the chance. I love holiday visits!



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