katie, mark + mya

When I showed up at Katie and Mark’s place, Mya’s grandmother was there too. Katie said she wanted to call in the reinforcements – you know, so Mya’s grandmother could jump around behind me to elicit some giggles and laughs – mainly from Mya but I suppose Mark and Katie too. I thought that was pretty neat. I’ve never had a family shoot where reinforcements had to be called in!

Turns out Mya wasn’t much in the mood for smiles and giggles. Or so we thought. By the time I left I was worried we got only serious looks from this little sweetpea. But after going through them, I realized we’ve got all kinds of fun expressions – some crinkled noses, some I’m not having any of this faces and the odd smile escaped too.

It was fun to hang out and try to get Pedro the family dog to pose too. Pedro didn’t quite get the look at the camera and smile down pat buy hey, it was worth a try! We still got some cute shots. Thanks Katie and Mark for having me. You were troopers despite the swarms of mosquitoes that were thick enough to carry us off!


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