Krista + Jason

I met Krista at a coffee shop downtown and I liked her immediately. There was something serious yet fun about her. Genuine, relaxed and intent on telling me her story so I could do the best possible job of documenting a day that meant the world to her. We ended up talking for almost two hours.

Krista moved in next door to Jason. She didn’t know it yet, but he could tell immediately that his new neighbour was not just gorgeous, but his soul mate. They sat on their front steps together whiling away lazy summer evenings watching the kids play on the sidewalk below, enjoying each other’s easy company. Was it how at home they felt with each other? How easily he made her laugh? Krista felt something growing, but was too shy to say.

The day they finally revealed their hearts to one another something powerful and everlasting was unleashed: true love. A self-proclaimed anti-bride, the girl who could never imagine getting married was suddenly planning a wedding and so excited to become  Jason’s wife. Their ceremony was to be small and meaningful. The first time Krista contacted me she said, “We’re eloping – in our living room!”

I find every wedding touching and don’t usually escape with dry eyes from the ceremony. But Krista and Jason’s ceremony was exceptionally touching and I was relieved to have my camera to hide behind. They got rings not only for each other, but for the children too. They wanted the children to know that this was not just a marriage for them, but for the whole family – not only would two souls become one, but two families as well. It was simply beautiful.

Today you’ll see photos from both Krista and Jason’s engagement session and wedding. It’s no trouble to tell that these two are in love with a capital L-O-V-E. They have so much fun together, it’s awesome. Before they were together, they used to talk over their back fences… I’m so glad we got a few images of this during the engagement shoot because it was c-c-c-cold on their wedding day in February and everything had to be indoors.

I love looking at these two series of photos – a real-life fairy tale with a very happy ending. Don’t ever disagree when people say love can be found right under your nose… or on your front door step!


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