I give credit to Megan and LG for launching my wedding photography career. They were the very first wedding I had ever shot and for their trust in me, I’m forever grateful. I know that sounds so serious but it’s true! These two take the cake for being encouraging, easy-going and awesome people. And for this, their faith in me and so many other reasons, I’m happily documenting all the major milestones in their life for this year – because THEY HAD A BABY! And an unbelievably cute one at that.

Megan was very on the fence about getting matenity photos and I totally understand the dilemma. It’s undoubetedly a precious and special time but it’s also a time when your body is going through so many changes and, though I’ve never experienced it myself, I can only imagine there is a certain level of uncerntainty as new and strange things are happening. I understood but was secretly very happy when she called and said she wanted a few “just in case.”

We opted for simple and plain and so I carted my white backdrop over and re-arranged Megan and LG’s kitchen and set up. It was uncharted territory for me as well – I almost never take photos in a studio-type setting and knowing how to take these pictures was a challenge. I like them though.

As you can see, her baby has since arrived and Leo was also the first brand new baby I had the opportunity to photograph. He was an absolute angel and so ridiculously sweet I couldn’t believe it. I just realized: first wedding, first studio-type maternity shots, first newborn baby – it looks like we’re all growing together! And I couldn’t be happier about it.


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