I never know who or what I’m going to meet when I walk up and knock on a front door. I count myself very blessed that every single time (so far!) I’ve been met with the kindest of folks. Michelle and Garett were no exception. Not only were they sweet and enthusiastic but they had a darling baby girl as well.

What was great about Michelle and Garett was that they knew exactly what they wanted: photos in Lynden’s bedroom, in her tutu, on Daddy’s motorcycle, one with the dogs if possible and then some outside shots at the park down the street. Awesome. I love it when clients have a plan!

It was cute to see Lynden through her outfit changes and you know what was even cuter? All her priceless expressions – she had heaps of them! I’m always fascinated with how quickly babies can oscillate between incredibly happy and laughing and I-don’t-like-this-I’m-freaking-out. You’ll see all of that and some in between with Lynden. But whether smiling or crying, she’s always heart-meltingly adorable and clearly Michelle and Garett’s pride and joy.

Michelle and Garett, thank-you for inviting me to take photos of your beautiful family!



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