lynne + kyle {in love}

We met at the Dingle Park on a cool fall day. Lynne and Kyle brought Blu, who Lynne affectionately refers to as their big dumb dog. Big yes. But I would lean more towards sweet and curious for my other descriptors.

Sweet might also be the word I would choose to describe Lynne and Kyle. And easy-going. And refreshingly real.

Kyle and Lynne met ages ago, having attended the same schools growing up. Lynne was friends with Kyle’s sister and one day she realized just how cute Kyle was growing up to be. Turns out Kyle was realizing the same thing about Lynne. For their first date he asked her to drive down to the States to pick up a new car with him. Yes, that likely wins the award for most epic first date ever.

But I get the feeling Kyle is like that – go big or go home. They traveled back to the States when he decided to pop the question and he romantically proposed on the top of the Rockefeller Center in New York City.

I’m looking forward to documenting their love next week when they get married in Herring Cove. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some happy images of this lovely couple and their dog enjoying a Sunday in the park.


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