Mes Amies

I get a little antsy in the winter when the snow has melted but it’s still too cold to start proper photo sessions outside. For some reason folks don’t seem keen on the toque-parka-windblown hair look for their pictures. But that’s what friends are for, right?

“Hey! It’s minus 10 with the wind chill. Wanna go to Herring Cove and take some pictures?” And sometimes, they’re just crazy enough to answer yes!

Denica and Hillary’s photos are the last installment of previously unseen work or, posts-for-while-I’ve-been-in-Scotland-or-just-home-from-Scotland-trying-to-get-over-jet-lag.

It’s amazing how even though they were taken on the same day, with the same lens (I was practicing with my 70-200mm because it’s a beautiful piece of glass and I simply don’t use it enough), both girls ended up with completely different sets of photos. Denica is so glamourous and foxy with her firery red hair; Hillary was rocking a more laid-back vibe with her awesome pink toque. I think it’s great. I really don’t know what else to say other than, I think their photos are great and I think these two girls are beyond great. Fantastic even. xo.


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