We were standing next to a church. It was the only building on the street offering both shade and a ledge to sit on. I was drinking a cold coke and Dave was eating an ice cream. Before we knew it, we were drawn into a conversation about the strength of the American dollar and what do you like most about India with a mite of a man. He was so tiny at first I assumed him to be a boy but after talking about the stock market, I realized he was at least in his twenties. He enthusiastically told us about the local Friday market. It’s much more interesting than the Saturday market. It’s more about art and culture. Just go here, turn left, go straight, turn right, you can’t miss it. Being in need of a plan, we decided to follow his advice.

Of course, we soon realized there was no local Friday market. It was a ploy to get us further into the core of downtown Mysore. To what end? We’ll never know. But our happenstance meeting with this tiny man made our Mysore adventure more interesting. We wound our way through curving streets. Ate oranges exploding with freshness. Met a cow outside a shoe store. Were laughed at as I chased a chicken around trying to take it’s picture. I can only imagine the comments, silly tourist – why does she want a photo of dinner?!

Mysore is famous for it’s palace. But that’s not what you’ll find featured below. When I think of Mysore I think of the cacophony of smells, sights and sounds that enveloped us as we zig-zagged our way through the crowded streets. It was my first experience with a true Indian city and I was captivated.


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