When Rob asked me to do an extended family photo shoot, I said of course! No problem! Then he said, there are a lot of us. I smiled, said okay, and didn’t think of it again. Until I showed up at Oma Kate’s home in Pictou and whoa… there were a lot of people! Rob certainly wasn’t kidding!

This was the photo shoot that almost didn’t happen. One sister was due to have a baby at any moment. One brother had been in a car accident and was on crutches. And then, to top it off, Oma Kate herself broke an ankle and was hobbling around on crutches too! But family members had arrived from all over the globe (as far as Vancouver and China!) and who knew when the lot of them would be together again? I guess one thing you learn growing up with 6 siblings and wrangling a gaggle of grandchildren is how to roll with the punches. And that’s exactly what we did. A perfect opportunity seized on a balmy July evening. What an awesome crew!

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Sweet baby Annabelle visited Nova Scotia for the first time a few weeks ago. You know I had to document it! I had the honour of photographing her with not just her grandparents, but her great-grandparents as well! Then Chris, Katrina and Annabelle made their way to the farm for an overnight visit and as you can imagine, my camera was never far from my side with this cutie pie around. I love this family of three! ♥

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  • July 18, 2014 - 12:02 am

    Stace - My fave: when Annabelle eats Katrina’s nose :-D adorable!!ReplyCancel