The cold November wind and rain couldn’t put a damper on this Fredericton wedding. Despite grey skies, Catherine & Dave’s day brimmed with excitement and anticipation as family and friends gathered to share in the joy of their I Do’s. Catherine’s radiant smile provided all the sunshine we needed for the day. And no one can make her smile like Dave. These two celebrated their day with grace, style and a pretty awesome party, too. ♥

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Today ButterCat and I woke up on the same wavelength.

I love my job but sometimes the sheer volume of images I have to edit can be overwhelming. Today, I was feeling melancholy. I sat down at the computer to work but found myself checking facebook and e-mail every 30 seconds and completely unable to focus. To be honest, spending 10, 12, 14 hours a day in front of the computer most days of the week can get me down. I decided I needed to blow the cobwebs out of my brain. And I figured the best way to do that was good old fashioned fresh air and exercise. So I slipped on some happy socks and went outside.

I visited our new chickens but they mostly want to stay in the coop. I’m not sure how to entice chickens outside. The best I could do was get them to the door.Then I went to look for Dave. I found him working on eliminating our patches of burdocks. Why, you ask? That’s another story for another day. He didn’t want to lose the few precious hours of daylight he had left for working so he opted to stay put. I didn’t mind because it’s nice to ramble about solo sometimes. My first stop was dropping off some cookies to our neighbour. He won’t let me take his picture so the cookies will have to do.Then I decided to go check the mail. Nothing but flyers so I left it there. I didn’t want to carry it around. On the way, I felt glad that our street address has finally been changed. It used to be a mouthful to say we lived at A. Joe MacConnell Lane. When people asked my address I used to say, are you ready for it? It’s a guys name: A period. Joe. As in Joseph. MacConnell (M-a-double-c-o-double-n-e-double-l) Lane. And it usually took a few tries for them to get it right. So you live in a duplex? Nope.I wonder why the previous owner wanted our number to be 90. You can see how she scratched out the 1.As I looped back along the trail I felt grateful for the awesome fingerless mitts that my kind and generous friend Colleen knit for me. My toque as well. Because it was chilly out there today!

I chuckled over how no stick is safe with Slipper around. Even the ones still attached to the trees.I marveled over the intricacies of nature.I couldn’t say no to this face so of course I threw the stick a couple of times.I decided to go visit Baby Bean so I walked across the field and on the way, smiled at Tomato’s fuzzy butt. She’s looking fluffier by the day, in preparation for winter I suppose. Baby Bean is looking less and less like a baby with every passing day.Would you like your cuteness served up in small, medium or large? This is by far my favourite shot of the day!Then I walked across to the other field to visit the sheep but Slipper fooled up any chance of me taking a sheep portrait. Our sweet little herder who doesn’t listen…On my way back to the house I ran across Dave cleaning up the field. For about a split second I had been considering a career change to farming because the animals are so interesting to watch and visit. But then I saw Dave lugging these huge pieces of wood around and decided that photography is a far better gig. For me anyway!By then it was getting colder and darker so I decided to come in for a snack. Since I had been listening to Leonard Cohen earlier I contemplated having tea and oranges (that come all the way from China).But instead opted for the far healthier choice of salt and vinegar chips and a glass of pop (which tastes much better when sipped through a bendy straw). I decided to look at my photos right away because I took them with my 35 mm lens between f/1.4 and f/2.2 which was fun (and something I rarely do). I also edited them with my fancy pants Red Leaf Boutique preset (the Redwood Collection) which was fun and easy and shakes things up a little bit for me.Now I feel much better. I’m ready to tackle an evening of editing. I have 11 family shoots and 2 weddings in the hopper so I better get to it! But now my chips and pop are done so maybe I’ll go grab that tea first.

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  • December 4, 2014 - 5:48 pm

    Kandise - I loved this from start to finish, but especially your new road sign! Mental health breaks are crucial, especially this time of year. Good luck with your editing — you’re a magician!ReplyCancel

  • December 4, 2014 - 8:31 pm

    Colleen - So happy to hear that your hands are toasty in your mitts.
    (I also have a very similar pair of hand knitted happy socks that I am wearing right now!!)ReplyCancel

I don’t have kids but I remember being 4. I remember when the world was made of miracle and magic. When everything was wondrous and my universe was wrapped in love. When I’m shooting, I’m always looking for that. But even though I’m keeping my eyes and heart open, it can still catch me off guard. Sometimes I click the shutter and go wow, there it is. That’s 4 years old.  ♥

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