There’s something I can’t put my finger on about PEI. Every time I visit the gentle, red-cliffed island I fall a little bit more in love. So you can imagine what a place the island holds in Leah’s heart having spent every summer there since she was a child. It seemed only right then, for Leah and Chris to walk down the aisle in beautiful PEI – a place brimming with joyful childhood memories was the perfect spot for Leah to tie her heart to Chris’. Now they will both smile when they think of the tiny, glittering province.

Chris and Leah themselves reflect all that is wonderful about PEI. They’re relaxed, warm and joyful. You can see the ease of their love for one another whether it’s Chris casually throwing an arm around Leah’s shoulder or the way her eyes sparkle when she looks up at him. This warmth and joy extends to everyone around them. Chris and Leah’s family and friends flew in from all corners of the globe to celebrate their union which is a testament to who Leah and Chris are: two people who love big and love life. The duo made sure that each and every guest felt like they were a cherished part of their day and the love they put out was returned tenfold.

Leah and Chris, you navigated your day with love, grace and style and I’m honoured to have been there to document it. And your dance party at the end? It was one for the ages.

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Annapolis Royal, particularly the Queen Anne Inn, provided the perfect backdrop for Sarah and Rupert’s magical day. Their wedding was filled with so many beautiful moments, people and feelings that it’s impossible to sum it up in a few simple sentences. Luckily, a photo is worth a thousand words and the images below speak volumes on the love that Sarah and Rupert share. ♥

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  • August 13, 2014 - 4:15 pm

    Sarah (and Rupert) - Christine,
    We are so happy with our photos – you captured the day beautifully. And it was an absolutely pleasure having someone like you be a part of our day.
    Thank you!!