photo booth 2012

While we still have a number of weddings left to shoot, we’ve officially closed down our photo booth for the 2012 wedding season. To celebrate the night’s of silly hats, funny poses and pure ridiculousness we’ve witnessed over the past six months, I decided to post a mish-mash of our favourite shots from all the photo booths combined. I think some of these shots are great for a laugh on a Friday afternoon!

I also want to thank Dave for running all these photo booths. He has two qualities that make him the best photo booth master ever – the ability to coax out people’s silly sides and… patience, haha! ♥

You’ll see the last shot is of the two of us taken by a wedding guest (and one of our 2013 brides!) at Parlee Beach in July.  Clearly we’re not all business all the time!



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