sheep shearing

The temperature has finally crept up to double digits so last week Dave decided that it was time for the sheep to lose their winter coats. He called up local shearer Dana Booth and made an appointment. Yesterday, Dana arrived and set up shop in our big barn. The process is interesting to witness. Dana is a pro at relieving sheep of their fleece.  Zip, zip, zip! Four minutes and he’s done! While it’s not exactly a graceful process, the sheep didn’t complain and other than looking a little startled when they got up, seemed pretty much indifferent to the whole process.

You don’t realize how much sheep is actually wool til you shear them. It’s hilarious to see all these skinny creatures traipsing about the fields now. Especially Stompy Dan who is nothing but a bag of bones at the moment. Hopefully I’ll get a shot of him in the next few days so you can share a laugh over him too.


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